our mission

To help everyone moving across the Europe, in a friendly, safe, professional and cost effective manner.

Why We do it

At Lopa Removals, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in European Relocation. Everyone is guessing, trying to find the right balance between cost, time and quality. Our mission at Lopa Removals is to bring to the relocation market a transparent, flexible and efficient solution. We want individuals, businesses, and institutions to have an access to a moving solution accross the Europe that ticks all the boxes.

At the same time we can use our business to help others – have a look at our “Social Responsibility” section below.

Our aim is to provide service at the highest possible level and reasonable price. Based on our customers feedback we create unique moving experience, which will allow you to feel safe and secure.


The most important thing is to have the right people with right mindset who can take a good care of your belongings (from a single box to the whole house content) and right equipment that can make even most difficult job as easy as lifting a box. Having those two in place it’s a GUARANTEE of a successful move. It’s a GUARANTEE of your satisfaction.

Jaroslaw Wolak

Managing Director, Lopa Removals Ltd

Our team

Let’s be honest, it’s not all roses and happy pictures from Switzerlnd – it’s a hard work. A lot of stairs, a lot of boxes, heat, delays, traffic. This is why our team is selected based on stress/issue handling more than everything else. Our job is to make your day easier and handle everything in a professional manner. Right people, right attitude.


For almost 8 years we have been working with hundreds of private clients, European Institutions and Businesses. This experience allow us to understand better your needs when moving and create a tailor made solution in almost every case.

Constant two way communication with our customers and partners help us to tweak our business on a daily basis in order to provide a better service and fit with the customers needs. Improvement at our end means evolution and growth for us and our customers.


We believe that there is something more beyond simple transactions, day to day tasks and financial statements. We have a privilege of living and operating within 1st Worlds economy and that privilege creates a social responsibility to help amazing people, but less fortunate.

“…If every single business can find their niche in the World where they want to make a difference… then I think we can get on top of the most of the problems of the world…”

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

Business magnate, investor and philanthropist

This is why we have decided to join our forces with B1G1 a global business giving initiative. This way we can make a positive impact every time we take an order. The power of this solution is overwhelming as with our growth our positive impact grows as well and this is a massive motivation.

With every order we receive we can provide a child with a food for a whole day! 

Below you can also join our effort and make a small donation regardless if you are willing to use our service or not.

“…I believe that we are starting to move from the profit-driven world to the new ‘meaning-driven‘ world. ….”

Masami Sato

Founder, B1G1

B1G1 is a global business giving initiative that makes it easy for business owners (especially SMEs) and their customers to give back and support different great causes from around the world through an online giving platform.

B1G1’s now lists over 400 giving projects from 30+ countries and works with more than 2,000 businesses from around the world. With B1G1, businesses can give back through every thing they do in business and create a world full of giving together.