Due to recent developments related to Coronavirus, we are unfortunately forced to suspend our operation until further notice.

We were determined to fulfil all the orders within the time frame agreed on, however, we cannot provide a safe service anymore.

  • We were informed that our breakdown and maintenance providers across Europe are no longer able to assist us in the case of any mechanical failures of our vehicles. This would lead to a safety issue for the drivers, your goods and our vehicles.
  • Eurotunnel crossings have been limited and have a massive impact on our schedule. More importantly, the measures implemented by Eurotunnel Freight are not reassuring – exposing our drivers to the virus.
  • We cannot secure a safe overnight stay for our drivers as more and more hotels are closing down and canceling our reservations across Europe. Those left open are again a high-risk environment.
  • The fuel is now much harder to get as many fuel stations are closing down.
  • We are also facing difficulties with local authorities and police as “removals” are not deemed “essential” service.

Taking all the above into consideration, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience and at the same time ask for your understanding in these extraordinary and challenging times.

All the bookings are currently postponed and we will reach out you individually with proposed dates once the service is back and running. All goods already collected will be placed safely in our storage facilities.

Please note that our offices will be also closed and our staff will work from home – getting through the phone might be very difficult or even impossible, therefore please email us and allow us up to 24 hours to reply.

We hope that you can protect yourself and your family from Coronavirus, please follow all the official guidelines and stay well and safe.



Lopa Removals Team