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Germany is a place where you will visit and get startled with the kind of wonders of nature and that of human handiwork. If you are emigrating to Germany from UK, then you have to lodge in one of the great cities of Germany and gird your loins for the show is about to begin. There are so many attractions you will find unusually stunning, and once you have visited one, you will give everything to visit the rest because no one gets enough of such weird sites.

Wilhelmstein Island

This is an artificial island that is located the lake Steinhude Lake in Hanover region, was built in 18th century by the ruler of the small German town, Count William of Schaumburg -Lippe. It has an area of 12500 square meters, and its success was achieved by the courage of fishermen who hauled stones on which the foundation was built. It served as a military fortress, the first German submarine was built there and today it a tourist center which can be reached by emigrants boats from Steinhude and Madoff. When planning Removals to Germany, you definitely have to visit this place.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is one of the most visited places in Germany This castle was built by Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm when he was Ludwig II king of Bavaria. It was due to his fairy tale ideas that he started the Neuschwanstein castle which also known as the fairy tale castle. The fairy tale king designed the castle to be an homage to the king. The castle is said to have inspired Walt Disney.

Die Rakotzbrück/Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s bridge was built in the latter half of the 19th century. It’s reflection on the water merge to form a perfect circle. The site would give a unique feeling and appreciation of the work of the architects of this piece of work. The bridge is found in the foliage of Kromalau. It is a precarious delicately arched bridge which was incredibly built by humans. In other to preserve the bridge local authorities have prohibited crossing it which means it can only be sighted.

Iglu Lodge

Iglu Lodge is a hotel in the Allgau Alps of Southern Germany. It is built on ice with an all white snowy environment. The place some spectacular sculptural and architectural works of experienced local artists which will not come short of fascinating you. It is rebuilt every winter season to give tourists who seek a snowy adventure a treat

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