Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Save Money - With Trusted European Moving Company

Move Safely - Insured and Accredited Movers

No Waiting - Move in 3-7 days Including customs

european moving services

Volume and Weight

How do you charge?
Our pricing is based on the volume and the weight of your goods. We use cubic metres do describe the size of your move and each cubic metre comes with allowance of 60kg.
Do you do onsite visits to confirm the volume?
No. As our clients are all over Europe, providing onsite visits is not cost and time effective. 
How do you estimate the volume and weight?
The best way to estimate the volume and weight is to use our Self Survey App available here . Alternatively you can send us photos and list of your goods with measurements and weights.
What if I have more or less than booked?
If on the moving day it turns out that your volume/weight is higher than anticipated – in most cases we can collect it at extra cost - subject to available space. However if the volume will be lower, we cannot reduce the costs as the space was booked for you and we couldn't offer it to another clients. 

Vans and Parking

What vehicles will be used for my move?
Our main priority is your satisfaction, therefore our fleet is designed with flexibility, time efficiency and easy access in mind. By using a fleet of 3.5t vans we can achieve all the above and provide you with a fantastic service at great rates. Please note that our vans are limited to 60kg/m3 – which is perfectly fine for most of the moves.
Do you organise parking?
No, this would have to be arranged by you, with local authorities.
Can you access narrow streets?
Yes. With our fleet of 3.5t vans we can access most of the narrow streets or country side roads.
Can I track my goods?
On the collection and delivery days, we will provide you with a tracking link, so you can see exactly where the crew is. You can also contact us at any time for the updates.

Moving Service

What is Door to Door Service?
We will bring everything from your apartment and load onto the van. On the delivery, we will unload everything into correct rooms.
What is Kerb to Kerb Service?
Kerb to Kerb is where we provide a vehicle and the driver and you provide the labour to bring everything to and from the van.
What is Full Packing Service?
We will bring all the packing materials with us (boxes, tapes, paper, bubble...) and pack all your content for you.
Do you offer storage?
Yes, we have secure storage facilities in the UK and can offer a long and short term storage.
Do you provide boxes?
All the packing materials are only available within our Executive Premier Service (Full Packing). Our team will not only bring all the quality packing materials with them, but also pack all your goods.
Can you move alcohol?
No. we cannot transport any alcohol.
Can you move my plants?
Yes, but please check our customs section to make sure that you can import plants to the country that you are moving to..

Bookings and Payments

Is Vat included?
Yes, we always include VAT in quotes for private clients. All business quotes are plus VAT.
How can I book the service?
We take all our booking online via our safe and easy booking system. You can even pay using your credit/debit card - deposit is only 200€/£.
Is the deposit refundable?
Yes, if you cancel your move with 30 days notice.
When do I pay the rest?
All payments must be made minimum 1 day before your collection date.
How to pay?
We accept most of the major credit/debit cards and bank transfers.
Will I get an Invoice?
Yes, we will send you an online invoice shortly after the booking.
Will I get a booking confirmation?
Yes, we will send an email booking confirmation with all the details how to prepare yourself for the move.


Can I pick specific collection and delivery dates?
With smaller loads we usually work on 2-3 days time slots (we will confirm the exact date and time minimum 2 days before your collection/delivery). Bigger volumes and services with packing can be arranged on specific dates (subject to availability). 
How long it will take?
Most of our moves are completed within 3-6 days. Please note that some routes and smaller part load removals across Europe might take longer (7-14 days). Please note that in busy periods we might require 4-6 weeks notice to arrange your move or delivery out of storage.


Is my move insured?
Yes, we accept to levels of liability under our insurance: Limited liability for total loss/damage (from £100-£750/m3 - please check your quote for details). We also accept a liability up to £40/item for the damage to individual items. 
Can I increase or change my insurance cover?
Yes, just let us know your requirements. You can either increase your total loss/damage cover or individual items cover.
Where I can find all the Insurance details?
Please visit our Terms & Conditions page, points 9-12.


Do I have to look for Customs agent?
No, we have a network of experienced agents to assist you with the customs clearance.
Do I have to talk to the customs?
No, our agents will communicate with the Customs office on your behalf.
How do I know what documents are required?
We will guide you through the process and provide a list of the necessary information.
How do I provide all the documents?
You can upload all necessary documents to our easy and secure online system.
Do I have to pay VAT and Duty?
In most cases you don't have to pay any VAT or Duty when moving your personal belongings. However the final decision is made by the customs office, based on the information provided.
What if Customs want to charge me VAT and Duty?
We will reach out to you for the payment as soon as we have the final charge from the Customs office. When the payment is done, we can then complete the delivery of your goods.
Can I get VAT and Duty back?
After the move you can contact customs office directly and provide additional information to obtain a refund. Final decision lies with the Customs office. 

Other Questions

Do you use ferry or Eurotunnel?
In most cases we use the Eurotunnel as this is the quickest way across the Channel.
Do you plastic cover for sofa?
Yes, plastic covers are always included.
Do you plastic cover for mattress?
Yes, plastic covers are always included.
How do you protect my furniture?
All furniture is wrapped in woolly blankets on collection. We can also provide additional packing for high value furniture or artwork.
Can you collect/deliver above 1st floor?
Yes, all our quotes are inclusive of collection/delivery up to the 1st floor, bu we can collect from any floor - subject to additional charge.
Can you disassemble my furniture?
Yes, if any piece of furniture is too big to go in one piece, we will disassemble it and put it back together at the delivery. This service is included with some of our moving packages - please check your quote.
How many people will come to move me?
This will depend on the volume/weight of your move and type of the moving package booked. Usually we work in teams of 2-4 men, but for smaller loads we will sometimes send 1 man.
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