European Removals To Brussels – Top 4 Places To Live.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It is located on the river Senne and is a major center for international politics being home to numerous international organizations. Brussels is an urban city with a beautiful environment and architectural elegance.

When moving to Brussels from the United Kingdom, you need to consider a few things to know if the place you wish to move to has your primary needs. If for instance, you are moving in to acquire more education then you need to be in an area that has proximity to schools and a good transport or traffic record. Same as if you are moving to stay away from the bustling of the city or for business adventures. Here are some places that are best suited for your removal.

Arts-Loi & Place St. Josse

This place is located in the heart and center of Brussels. It is a relatively quiet place to live in. It is in this neighborhood that the European Union offices are located. The transportation here is to be trusted as there is less traffic always. Here you have almost everything you need for your day-to-day usage because just off St Josse you have restaurants that serve many dishes and shops that sell a wide range of articles. Because everything is close you may often prefer walking to your destination if you are not moving far from Grand Place.

Place Jourdan

Place Jourdan is a lively and warm neighborhood that has virtually everything that you require and the town hall is only a stone’s throw away in the neighborhood. The public transport here is very much accessible with the metro and several buses plying around the square. When you need a romance with nature, you just step out and enter the Parc Leopold to get some green and fresh air, or you can still walk further to seek more space and trees in Parc du Cinquantenaire. The rent in Place Jourdan is a bit high because it is almost an international area with a European Union parliament and some high commission buildings.


This is an area that is known for diversity in culture and food. It is a vibrant area with a lot of booming businesses. Walking around the breadth of the area will give you an exquisite view of rare and elegant architectural styles that include the Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels. The transport here is also elegant with metro and buses going around the town.


Montgomery is a nice and quiet area to live in. You are perfectly at peace here as long as the will bird chirping early in the morning wake you. Transport here is also convenient because you have all the buses going almost in all directions. Being a calm area, you can take to cycling or take a good long walk depending on your mood.

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