From Single Items To Entire House – Move to Europe

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If you are looking to move to Europe to start a new life then you may be needing a good removal company. We are able to provide you with the best reliable, bespoke service, providing a very cost- effective part-load service across Europe for over 8 years.

You can relax while everything our staff takes care of your move. All your possessions collected and delivered safe and sound, door to door..

With this excellent service you can transport one piece of furniture, few boxes or move your entire home to France, Germany, Switzerland or anywhere in Europe.

Move to Europe with Lopa Removals – full packing service, insurance and storage to make it a hassle-free process.

Even if you are not having too many items, you can still benefit from our special van part-load service ideal for smaller loads and very cost effective. If in doubt – simply give us a call and our team will be able to assist you prior to the booking. Our crew will assist you in all export / import paper work, insurance documents and will take a great care of your belongings. Each of the removal services to and from Europe is dedicated to meet your specifications and exact requirements. Our skilled staff would be using quality packing materials and protective equipement to make sure that your most valuable possessions are kept in safe way.

One of the main reasons why customers select us is because of our specially designed fleet. All vans, great for narrow access  with air suspension for a better and smoother ride.

Get furniture hoist so everything can be moved via balcony, window or even your roof terrace.

Removals to France , Germany, Belgium or Netherlands from UK  requires a huge amount of work, that is why our trained staff takes care of everything and help you move to Europe in a professional way.

If you are a student and looking for competitive and affordable rates, then this is the perfect place for you. We are available for you so you can easily get a quote from us by just letting us know what possessions you would like to move. 

If you are looking for a quick, safe and cost effective removal service then this is the place.

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