What is Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster in Les Diablerets?

Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster is a two-minute downhill ride with the speed at which you can somewhat control via the brake pedal system, indeed, you must apply the brake to stop.

Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster

Summer activities in the Swiss Alps in Les Diablerets, Switzerland start at 2 miles high on Glacier 3000 (3000 meters high). A fun affair for kids, teens, and adults, you ascend to the top of Glacier 3000 on a cable car, as you would do for winter skiing, then you arrive near the top of the world and at the Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster, more commonly known as a roller coaster. For 6 Swiss Francs (CHF 6), you can ride the Glacier 3000 cart through 1 kilometer of 40 mph thrills that includes a 520-degree loop, 6 waves, 3 jumps, and 2 bridges, while sometimes sailing almost 20 feet (6 meters) above ground.

Children under 9-years are admitted on the Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster free of charge and must be accompanied by an adult. The thirty toboggans are available as singles or doubles. The Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster was closed during winter 2007-08 to permit additional construction. It will reopen at some as yet unidentified time in Spring 2008. The cable car ride from Col du Pillon to the Alpine Coaster atop Glacier 3000 costs CHF 54 for adults and CHF 27 for children.

Glacier 3000 Alpine Coaster

For other summer activities in the Swiss Alps, you can arrange for a round-trip Snow Bus ride across glaciers Scex Rouge and Quille du Diable at a cost of CHF 12.00 per person. In the Snow Bus, you ride atop two of Switzerland’s enchanting Ice Age glaciers. Cable cars connect Col Du Pillion and Scex Rouge at a cost of CHF 57 for adults and CHF 29 for children.

Fixed Rope Route

As long as you’re near the top of the world enjoying summer activities in the Swiss Alps, the intrepid adventurer might want to take the round trip Fixed Rope Route, starting and ending in Cabane, and walk a cliff-side path overhanging harrowing Alpine crevices. The rugged and experienced hikers can go it alone, while the cautious can hire a guide as the escort. After any sky-high glacier adventure, food and views can be gotten at Botta 3000, a breath-taking panoramic self-service restaurant atop Glacier 3000 that serves my favorite: Rouqulette!

Visit Centre Park

For summer activities in the Swiss Alps that begin back down in the valley, you can engage in dirt-bike riding on beginner or advanced tracks or in bike touring packages; paragliding for doubles or singles in the daylight or moonlight (training included) courtesy of Centre Park Adventure; Nordic walking that lets you trek across Alpine trails that are pleasant for the beginning walker or grueling, taking you all the way up to Glacier 3000, for the hearty experienced walker. The list of summer activities in the Swiss Alps in Les Diablerets is family-friendly or single-savvy and goes on and on and includes tennis, water sports, tours, golf, dog-sled rides across a glacier, and more!

Les Diablerets

For those who would enjoy summer activities in the Swiss Alps in connection with a good international festival, July in French sector Les Diablerets brings Nuit des Diables (Night of the Devil)!! This is a summer festival that features performances, music, food, and sports activities that lure both locals and tourists to the antics of the Devil’s Night. It is so named because in the Middle Ages the superstition developed that the howling sounds coming from the Alpine nooks and crannies were the cry of the Devil waiting to do dastardly deeds to incautious travellers. The superstition no longer holds sway–but the memory lives during Nuit des Diables!

Moving to Switzerland?

Les Diablerets in the Swiss Alps above Geneva is most decidedly a summer fun destination for summer activities in the Swiss Alps for activity-minded individuals and families, whether of the daredevil sort or the less vigorous sort.

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