How To Call Switzerland From The UK – Full Guide

Here you can find instructions and dialing codes if you want to call Switzerland from the UK or UK from Switzerland. Please note that calling mobile numbers will differ from calling landline numbers.

To Call Switzerland From The UK dial 0041

  • To call a landline – dial 0041 (don’t dial “0”) + area code + full number
  • To call a mobile number – dial 0041 + mobile number

Please remember to do not dial the leading ZERO when calling Switzerland or any other International destination. This will block your attempt and you will not be connected but might still be charged.

Switzerland Area Codes:

Sion: 27, Bern: 31, Luzern: 41, Zürich: 43, Winterthur: 52, Rapperswil: 55, Basel: 61, St. Gallen: 71, Bellinzona: 91

How To Call the UK From Switzerland? – dial 0044

In order to call the UK from Switzerland, you will need to follow the same rule as above.

  • To call a landline – dial 0044 (don’t dial “0”) + area code + full number
  • To call a mobile number – dial 0044 + mobile number

Remember that international connection might take a few seconds before you actually will be connected. Be patient and make sure that you are dialing the correct number.


Cheap Calls to Switzerland from the UK

If your landline or mobile provider does not include free calls to Switzerland – you should try shopping for calling cards. These are easy to get online and can literally save you a fortune. The typical charge for a call made from a UK landline to the Swiss landline or mobile would be between 1-25p per minute – which is great.

If you do not have time to shop around for the calling cards – try to look for “Access Numbers” – these are online services, where you are simply calling a “special number” followed by your destination number. You will get a fixed rate per minute and can start calling Switzerland almost immediately.