How To Move To France From UK

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How to move to France from UK

Maybe you read about the beautiful attractions in France from a friend or had some time in the past visited France for an excursion. No matter the reason for you wanting to move to France from UK, certain things needs to be sorted before making that move. Handling these little but yet important things will save you from spending more money or getting frustrated in France. Some of these little things are;


Before engaging on your move to France, you need to notify the relevant UK Tax authorities about your decision to change residency. It is also important to inform the French tax authorities about your decision to reside there permanently. Before moving, contact the HM Revenue and Custom about your change in residency and a Form P85 form will be provided for you to fill. On getting to France, it’s advisable to contact the French tax authorities to notify them of your arrival and also complete the necessary forms.


Transferring or retaining UK bank accounts can be quite a tedious process if not done properly. When moving to France, you may decide to retain your UK bank accounts, but it comes with a price since France charges up to 45% tax on Non- French bank accounts interest. Although you can still receive your interest gross when you submit a form R105 to your bank.


Before your move to France from UK, if you are a beneficiary of the UK State Retirement pension scheme, you definitely need to request for a Form S1 from Department For Works and Pension. This form allows you to register and benefit from the French State Healthcare System which will, in turn, provide healthcare insurance for your household. But in cases whereby you intend to work and pay social security charges, you will need to become a member of the French Healthcare system which is referred to as the Protection Maladie Universelle (PUMA).

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