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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and the second largest city in the European Union and it is a world city of culture, politics, media as well as science. These gave Berlin an economy that is based on high technology firms that range from research facilities to creative industries. Berlin is also a known tourist attraction centre that is famous for its renowned universities, museums and orchestras. It is also known for entertainment venues, and it is home to many sporting events. You will have a nice treat from Berlin’s festivals, architecture, and contemporary arts. Also, your choice of city is not bad because you have come to a sought-after location for international film production. Here are places you first needs to see when moving to Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate

This is a monument that depicts Berlin itself. The Brandenburg Gate has welcomed so many visitors including world leaders. It was built in 1791 for King Fredrick Wilhelm II, and it is the first neoclassical structure in Berlin. It is notable for its four-horse chariot.

The Museum Island

This is a part of old Berlin which you will find indulging. It is situated on the River Spree and Kupfergrabern canal. It holds most of Berlin’s museums which you cannot afford to by- pass. They include the Old Museum and New Museum, Old National Gallery and New national gallery, Bode Museum and the Pergamon, each holding its class of wonders.

Charlottenburg Palace and Park

This is one of the oldest and largest Prussian estates which for decades in the 17th century was the most important residential place for German royalty. It is beautifully adorned with a courtyard that has a statue of the Great Elector, Fredrick William of Brandenburg. When you are in this palace ensure you enter the palace dining hall and have a feel of the cutlery and porcelain collection of the palace which joins the most important collection of Germany’s porcelain.

The Gendarmenmarkt

This a square that holds three very important historic buildings that together form a picturesque corner of the square. The square was laid out in the 17th century, and it is today one of Berlin’s largest squares. The important buildings here are Konzerthaus, which was built in 1821, has been one of the most important theatres in Berlin. It is also famous for its architectural elegance. The other two historic buildings are French Cathedral and the Berlin Cathedral Church. In this square, there is every reason that says you need to make a stop for one of the largest squares in Berlin.

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