Moving to Bruges in Belgium

Belgium is a sovereign state in western Europe. She has Bruges as her largest city and as her capital. Bruges as you would have it is in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish region. This Flemish region is in the northwestern part of Belgium. UNESCO named the center of Bruges among the World’s Heritage Sites. The city is oval in shape and cities like Amsterdam and Stockholm which is canal-based are referred to as “the Venice of the North.” This beautiful city is also referred to as the Seat of the College of Europe which is an elite university that majors in European studies.

Moving to Bruges in Belgium? Visit St. Salvator’s Cathedral

This is one of the ancient buildings that would arouse your curiosity. St. Salvator’s Cathedral was not intended to be a cathedral, but it gained the status of a cathedral in the 19th century. As far back as the 10th century, it was merely a common parish. Looking at the cathedral is like you are looking back into time because the cathedral has always spoken has seen better days. Coupled with changes and renovations it survived the brutal hands of age and change in weather. The cathedral houses many works of art and finishing. The interior has quite a good number of fine pieces of furniture.

Groeninge Museum

This is a one-stop museum for ancient paintings. This museum was built on the site of the medieval Eekhout Abbey. The museum is famous for its collection of Flemish primitive artworks made by a variety of Renaissance as well as Baroque masters. It is home to a comprehensive survey of about six centuries of Flemish and Belgian painting. Also, you would find a selection of 18th and 19th-century paintings of neoclassic and realistic periods. Some of the works include those of Jan Wan Eyck, The Madonna with Canon van de Pakele, Portrait of Christ. Those of Gerard David include The judgment of Campuses part 1 and part 2. There are a whole lot of others that you cannot miss the chance of having a look at.

Moving to Bruges? The beer festival tours.

You are now at the peak of it all with the Bruges beer festival coming up in February every year. This festival features more than 280 beers from over 70 breweries. The festival was held below the ancient Belfry which is located in the main market square in the old historic Bruges. With the trend of the times, it was moved to a larger venue known as Beurshalle to accommodate more participants. At this festival, you will find it appealing to visit the magnificent Halve Maan brewery and museum.

Koningin AstridPark

This is one of the beautiful parks in the heart of Bruges. If you are visiting Bruges with children, then you have made the right choice by taking a tour of the Koningin Astridpark because they are going to love it. You can visit the play ground, bandstand, and fountain.

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