Moving to Cardiff? Why you should be excited.

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Moving to Cardiff

Cardiff is a great place to be living right now, and if you are going to be moving to Cardiff, you should be very excited about what lies ahead. Cardiff consistently tops the polls measuring the quality of life of residents across the country, and here are just a few reasons why.

Low cost of living

Cardiff has had a bad press over the last 10 years when it comes to the cost of living. Some reports even priced it as being more expensive than living in London! But if you are moving to Cardiff don’t worry, this simply isn’t true. The city centre has to cater for the thousands of students in Cardiff, so there are plenty of places to bag a bargain and the rent is an absolute steal compared to other cities in the UK. Drinks prices are really low, with most clubs offering free entry at least once a week, so whatever your budget you’ll be able to afford to go out.

Compact city centre

Moving to Cardiff means having all the benefits of living in a big city, but none of the hassle. There’s only one city centre, where you’ll find all of your shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, cinemas and theatres within walking distance. You’ll find all of the high-street retailers, as well as all restaurant and coffee shop chains that you would expect to find in all UK cities, but they are all accessible on foot from the main transport hubs.

Up and coming culture

With three universities based in Cardiff, it’s no surprise that it’s a vibrant, dynamic and exciting place to be. There are museums, parks, castles and arcades to keep you busy, even if you tire of shopping and eating out.

You shouldn’t leave it long after moving to Cardiff before going to check out Cardiff Bay at night. The bay area is a little further away but provides another smaller hub of activity. It’s a cultural hotspot with the Welsh Assembly building, Techniquest and the Millennium Centre on the waterfront.

Great train links to London and Bristol

It takes just 2 and half hours to get to London by train from Cardiff, and there are dozens of services running each day. If you book your tickets in advance you can get really reasonably priced tickets and the journey there and back is easily doable in a day. Bristol is only an hour away by car or by train, and provides another great day out if you fancy exploring.

So there you have it. Moving to Cardiff may just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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