Moving to Europe? Tips On Counting The Cost

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Exact figures for the number of people who move to Europe from the UK are hard to come by. However, it’s estimated (by the UN) that there are 1.2 million people who were born in the UK who now live in another EU country.

This gives you an idea of how many people choose to “up sticks” and leave Britain, due to overseas jobs, retirement or simply a desire to enjoy a new location and lifestyle.

Of course, there are other reasons why people move out of Britain, including foreign nationals heading for home after temporarily living and working here.

Whatever your reason for moving to Europe, there are some steps you can take to make the process as trouble free and inexpensive as possible.


The more you can sort out in advance the better, so this is the perfect time to make lots of lists. Don’t get so excited about the move that you leave the nitty gritty detail to the last minute. This should include thinking through all the associated costs and formulating a budget. For example, food bills on the journey and in the first few days, and the other living costs you will face if your overseas income could be delayed.

Be brutal

If you start sorting your belongings and new living arrangements well in advance, you get a far clearer idea of what you need to take with you. Make an honest appraisal of what items are essential, and what you could actually leave behind. This could be a great time to raise some extra cash for your new home by selling off unnecessary items. You might be surprised how many people leave that to the last minute, and end up giving away furniture or valuables.

Book ahead

If you are travelling by air while your belongings are being transported to your new home, you could enjoy cheaper fares if you book your seats well in advance. Also, staggering your journey with a stop off somewhere can reduce the cost substantially compared to a direct flight.


If you are taking lots of luggage on your plane journey, some airlines let you pay for excess baggage up front. It can prove less expensive than paying airport charges for going over your weight allowance.

One moving company

Splitting your belongings up and shipping them to your new home in Europe using various means can be time-consuming, perilous and result in hidden costs. Commissioning one specialist removals company when you are moving to Europe from the UK provides one clear and manageable cost. It also provides you with immeasurable peace of mind. Contact us at Lopa Removals today to find out more.

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