Moving to France after Brexit?

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Moving to france after Brexit

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, many business owners have had to rethink their future. That has a knock-on effect for the people employed by them, in addition to those who identify more as European instead of British and wish to retain the freedoms that go with EU membership. Perhaps unsurprisingly, an exodus of sorts is taking place, which is witnessing more businesses and citizens moving to France after Brexit, as well as other European countries.

Preparing for the move

It is said that moving home, and all that it entails, is one of the most stressful things a person will do in their lifetime. And when your new residence is in a different country, the task can seem so daunting that the mere thought of it will send you into a cold sweat.

Even after the finances of selling your home and purchasing the new one are taken care of, there is still the significant matter of moving your belongings.

Your friends won’t be able to help out

If you were moving house close by, you could hire a van, call in favours from friends and family, and get all of your belongings moved in a day. However, moving to a different country means that calling in friends and family is a non-runner.

Therefore, those making the big move to another country often have no choice but to call on the help of a removals company. However, finding one that can be trusted to move treasured belongings can seem like a major chore in itself.

For the past eight years, LOPA Removals have facilitated the international removals of countless private clients, institutions and businesses.

Taking the hassle away from you

As our services have become more in-demand, the LOPA Removals operation has grown. Much of our business is based on word-of-mouth recommendations, which speaks volumes for the standard of care we provide our customers and their belongings.

All items are individually and carefully packed before being shipped. Larger items, particularly furniture, are disassembled and then reassembled upon arrival, while the greatest care is taken with delicate items such as art and framed photos.

LOPA Removals make moving to France after Brexit – or elsewhere – easier than customers ever dared to imagine possible, and it’s all done at an extremely competitive price. Enquire today for a no-obligation quote.

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