Moving to Geneva – things you have to do

Moving to Geneva – things you have to do

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Moving to Geneva – things you have to do

Geneva is a popular city for expats from the UK, and with good reason – it’s a lovely place! Here, we’re going to go through some of the main things to get involved in if you’re moving to Geneva, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities.

Invest in travel

There are a variety of public transport passes available that offer excellent value for money. Because Switzerland isn’t the biggest country, you can easily spend time visiting every main location, even when working full time. CFF yearly passes aren’t just for trains, they’re available on buses, trams and boats all over the country as well!

Learn to love the water

Geneva contains – and is surrounded by – many stunning natural swimming areas. The central Bains des Paquis public bathing area is great for spending time in, and there are many beautiful swimming lakes, such as the nearby Perle du Lac.

It’s free to learn the language!

You should always try to learn the language when living in a new country. Fortunately, the State of Geneva actually offers free language lessons during the summer months, giving you no excuse not to get stuck in! (Oh, and the classes are often held in public parks, which make for a pretty nice classroom.)

Enjoy the wine

As the third-largest wine-producing canton in the country, Geneva is paradise for those that love the grape! There are a number of outstanding wineries in the city, most of which offer a chance for you to taste the local produce. There are also specific wine trails that’ll allow you to visit the main producers in the area.

Learn where everything is – the picturesque way

It takes time to get your bearings in any city. Geneva, though, has a way of giving you a helping hand – the views from St Pierre’s cathedral! The views from the church offer an outstanding view of downtown Geneva; one ideal for helping you work out where everything is in the early days of your stay in the city.

Get in touch

If you’re moving to Geneva and you’d like assistance from a skilled, experienced firm, pick up the phone and give us a call today. We’d love to help you.

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