Moving To Ghent – Best Places To Eat

The city of Ghent, the capital of East Flanders province, is major trading, export, and manufacturing center. It also benefits greatly from tourism, attracted by Ghent’s historic past and many medieval structures. The city situated in western Belgium is also known for its cuisine that offers a sample of European dining.
In case you ever find yourself in Ghent as a result of tourism, educational purposes or simply moving to Ghent permanently do enjoy Ghent’s wonderful cuisine in a historic atmosphere. Here are some of Ghent’s top restaurants to quench your adventurous taste for some European dining.

Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique is a wonderful burger lover’s point of contact, but with a considerable price tag. The restaurant is both for vegetarians and meat-lovers. Vegetarians have various choices to pick from the numerous burger options, including the Feta pesto and the Toful caprese. Beef-eaters too are not left out in their own choices too. They have eleven selectable choices, including the popular sticky fingers burger with potato chips inside. Paul’s combines the comfortable and serene atmosphere of a restaurant with the charm and attractive views of a roadside venue for a memorable and dining experience.

De Rave

Situated in a historic building, this trendy restaurant features modern and experimental interior decor. De Rave is the quintessential Ghentian fine-doing experience. With the unrealistic sleek white staircases on its walls and plates made of blown glass, the decor will leave you as mesmerized as the food.


Publiek is a new restaurant alongside others that are giving Ghent a foodie adventure outlook. The restaurant is owned by a Flemish foodie Olly Ceulenaere who conceptualized publiek as a traditional Flemish dish. This vision was turned into a reality with the help of his girlfriend. With the blend of Flemish tradition, It’s no wonder people make reservations that run months in advance. A unique sampling of Olly’s innovative style includes fish with orange buttermilk and pigeon with beetroot and grape leaves.

The House of Elliott

Situated along leic River, the restaurant has such a wonderful aquatic view. The House of Elliott has its own uniqueness that you can’t find a place quite like The House of Elliott, it has an electric-themed design with an exotic menu.

Bar Haliano

In locating the Bar Haliano Restaurant, you could ask the locals for ‘Off the beaten track’ which is the phrase you’ll often hear about Bar Haliano. Bar Helaino has been serving mainly Italian food for years now. Their cuisine has such a great taste coupled with a considerable price tag. Little wonder they experience a massive influx of customers each day. Handmade with milk from the local creamery, the ice cream selection was at least ten tantalizing flavors at a time. But what most visitors don’t notice is the takeaway counter in the back where Italian favourites, like cheese Lasagna, are sold by the slice.

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