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Paris (city, France)  city in north central France and largest city of the country. It is located in France’s Ile-de-France region, on the Seine River, 370km upstream from the river’s outlet in the English channel.

Paris is famous for its beauty and charm and for its long history as a center of learning and knowledge. A lot of people are moving to Paris every year. Parisians call their city the ‘city of light.’ People from around the world flock to the city to view its impressive array of monuments and museums, savor its cuisine, and relax in its side walk cafe and nightclubs.


Most landlords require that prospective tenants have at least two-month rent. As a student, you must be ready to tender proofs that show your financial muscle to support the rent even without a job. The landlord will also request for your housing insurance called ‘multi-risque.’ This is strongly required under the French law as it’s a comprehensive policy that covers water damage, fire explosion, and theft. This insurance can be obtained from private insurance firm or banks. All cases of theft must be filled in the police report, and all cases of damages must be reported immediately to your insurance firm.

There is also what is called ‘tax-d’habitation.’ This is an annual tax required by the French law to be paid by anyone renting properties in France which are usually paid on 1st of January. This type of tax is based on the location and size of the apartment.

It might also interest you to know that there is a tax called ‘relevance audio-visual.’ You pay this tax on every television equipment procured by you from a store. The store is mandated by the law to inform the authorities of the purchase, after which you will receive your bill of the tax.

The price tag on a particular apartment ranges based on the features just like in any other place or of the parameter for putting a price tag on an apartment by the landlord is furniture. Furnished apartment tends to get higher in price and are classified as ‘furnished’ when they are readily fitted with basic necessary furniture and equipment to allow for immediate occupation. Apartment prices range also from the location of the apartment, to the size of the living space, the type of building, bathroom and kitchen facilities.


There are quite a number of estate agent in Paris.

Paris Housing

Their major service is to provide rental accommodation in paris. They provide apartment that suite your needs based on portfolio, location, style and budget. They consider whether you’re looking for furnished, unfurnished, long term or short term rental.


They provide full range residential services as well as multidisciplinary office in Paris. They are proudly one of the world’s largest real estate firms. Established is 1855, they now have offices in Europe, Asia pacific, Africa, Americas and the middle east.

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