Moving to South of France could be a tough decision to make. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from the United Kingdom or from the United States of America. Before making that move, it is necessary to find out more about South of France and also about the places within South of France which is usually referred to as Le Midi. South of France consist of top cities such as Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, and Lyon


Moving to Lyon can be such a great idea. Lyon which is the second largest city just after Paris boast of quite a lot of excitement and opportunities. With a lower cost of living compared to another part of France, Lyon is definitely an excellent choice for families to move to. One of the things that attract people to Lyon is the variety of food it has which has earned it the gastronomical capital of France.


This is regarded as the fourth largest city in France. This city which is famed for its aeronautic and space industries is located on the banks of the Garonne River. Toulouse over the years has become a top destination for student and expat who travel down to France with the intention to work or study. Most jobs in the city are usually science and tech related. With the increased number of people moving to Toulouse, the cost of living has increased.


Located right on the Mediterranean doorstep, this city is regarded as France most sunny city. Moving to Marseille may be a dicey option, but if you are a lover of outdoor activities, then this city is for you. Marseille is loaded with lots of Museums, bars, restaurants and also with Mediterranean sea close by, soaking up in the sun while watching the sea is something common with locals. Although unemployment is quite higher than the national average, the standard of living is a bit moderate.


With a lot of Parisians moving to Bordeaux in recent years speaks volume of the quality of life there. Bordeaux which is the sixth biggest city in France offers quite a lot of both locals and expat traveling down either for tourism or to get a taste of the Bordeaux wine. Regarded as the wine capital of France, this city in 2014 was voted as the Best Tourist Destination in Europe. One advantage of Bordeaux over another part of France is the pleasant weather and also its rich cultural background.


Moving to Nice is a great decision if you are a lover of tourism or you already have a job offer. Nice is more of a cosmopolitan city with great tourist attraction which has become its main industry. With the city turning into a technological hub in the world, the standard of living is quite higher than other areas of France. The city of Nice is known for its vibrancy due to the International Airport and major train station close to it. It is advisable to have a working knowledge of French before moving down to Nice.


While moving to Montpellier may be great because of it being a coastal region with nice landscape, it is quite expensive. Montpellier is a beehive for International student due to its numerous prestigious universities. Cost of living, housing, and food is quite on the high due to the fact that it is a student saturated environment. Knowledge of French is a big bonus to getting employment in Montpellier.