Moving To South Of France – Places To Visit

The South of France is known as le-Midi where mi means middle, and di means day in old French. Combining both words together gives it its modern day meaning as ‘midday’ which is synonymous to the sun being in the south at midday in France. There are so many things that you can find interesting in this le-Midi which include, but not limited to, landscapes, detailed history, culture, beaches and a lot more. Cities here are forever connected to the architects, artist and their writers who were greatly inspired by their magnificence and a lot of people are interested in moving to south France. Here is a list of places you cannot bear to bypass and worth to consider when planning the removal to France.


Bordeaux is renowned for its wine which is considered to be among the best wines in the world. Bordeaux suffered neglect but was revived which made it be a place where you can have the fun of a lifetime. It is a very calm and relaxed place to be in with many means to take you around the city. Some of the means that can great you a nice view are tours on bicycles, ferries, fast trains and electric bus and tramways. Some of the interesting places include the UNESCO World Heritage Centre “Port of the Moon,” the Stone Bridge offering you enchanting views over the docks and harbor. You can also take a walk in the Triangle d’Or and pass to one of France’s largest parks, Place des Quinconces.


This is one of those cities that can bring to your mind what the medieval time was like. Avignon, situated on the left bank of Rhone River in the south-eastern part of France was the capital of Christianity of the Catholic world in the middle ages. The basing of the Papacy in this town left a lasting impression which remains to this day. The art works and architecture that The Church is known for especially the high soaring Palais des Papes will not fail to leave you curious. This city will give you a Unique feeling of art with its annual art festival that that attracts thousands. You can also take a tour of the medieval city wall that circles the old city.


The city of Toulouse is the capital of the department of Haute-Garonne in the French region of Occitanie. It is the fourth largest metropolis in France. It was nicknamed La Ville Rose which means the pink city because of it ochre rooftops and blushing brick Churches. Toulouse has one of the largest universities outside those in Paris and also it is the center of European Aerospace Industry which makes it home to a great number of scientists as well as students. Toulouse has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites which you can visit. They are Canal do Midi and the Basilica of St. Sernin.