Biodiversity in Switzerland

Biodiversity in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world. It is home to over 50,000 species of plants and animals. Of these are 83 mammals, most of which are bats and small rodents. Switzerland is made up of three different regions, the Jura, Plateau, and the Alps.

Switzerland and Wine Tours?


Most of us have heard about the Italian and French wines, but I was not aware of Switzerland’s vast wine growing region. We spent a wonderful day in the country touring the Swiss Lavaux region part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site program. After sightseeing in the cities this was a pleasant change. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful; these wineries are characterized by their terraced vineyards with views of Lake Geneva while others are suspended on slopes. Many small villages were formed around each winery from the medieval village of Lutry to Montreux. These vineyards cover almost 10,000 acres of the Canton Vaud and offer a wide range of grapes.

How to Move from the United States to Switzerland and Get a Work Permit?

How to Move from the United States to Switzerland and Get a Work Permit?

Are you thinking about escaping America and moving out of the United States and over to the neutral country of Switzerland? Whether you are hoping to move to a large city like Geneva or a remote area, there is a lot that you need to know about this daunting process. Moving to another country from the United States is not as simple as picking up and moving across the US, and it is especially difficult for an American to move to Switzerland. There are a few things that you need to know before considering a move to the beautiful country of Switzerland.

Do I Need Visa For Switzerland?

Passport Visa

This is one of the first questions you might ask when thinking about moving/relocating to Switzerland. In short – If you are a British Citizen you are not required a visa to visit Switzerland. If you are EU Citizen with the valid passport, you will not need to apply for the visa also. However, if you are moving your household goods to Switzerland, there are additional customs procedures which need to be followed.

Removals To Switzerland – Top 3 Destinations

removal to switzerland

Switzerland is a country situated among mountains. In the South, it has the Alps mountains, and in the northwest, it has the Jura mountains. It has a central plateau of rolling hills, plains, and some large lakes. The country has beautiful landscapes and a temperate climate that varies with altitude. The population of Switzerland is concentrated on the plateau and plains of the country. It is on this plateau that you will find most of the great cities of the country. Switzerland is also known for its neutrality and no war policy which makes the country one of the most peaceful places to be in & lot’s of people are interested in removal to Switzerland. Some of the top destinations include Basel, Bern, Chur, Geneva, Zurich and many other attractive cities with several tourist centres.

Things To Do When Moving To Geneva

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Geneva is a popular city for expats from the UK, and with good reason – it’s a lovely place! Here, we’re going to go through some of the main things to get involved in if you’re moving to Geneva, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities.

Invest in Travel
There is a variety of public transport passes available that offer excellent value for money. Because Switzerland isn’t the biggest country, you can easily spend time visiting every main location, even when working full time. CFF yearly passes aren’t just for trains, they’re available on buses, trams and boats all over the country as well!