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Moving to Zurich

Zurich the 6th most expensive city in the world, so it might be a good idea to use our shortlist of great places to eat, when moving to Zurich.

Kindli Restaurant

This restaurant which is located in Pfalgazze, Zurich offers a wide range of services for both expat and locals. Over the years, this restaurant has become an eating hub for most foreigners. With both traditional and foreign cuisine being served, this restaurant is great for those looking to experience a romantic night since they offer rooftop dining and also traditional Swiss brewed wines such as the Truffle Risotto. If you like enjoying traditional Swiss old town mood, you will like sitting and sipping your drink at Kindli. It has a perfect location on a small cobbled square in Zürich.

La Fonte

Located around Duebendorfstrasse, Zurich, this lovely restaurant is regarded as one of the best restaurants according to Tripadvisor. With a wide range of cuisine such as Italian themed cuisines, French and traditional Swiss cuisines, this restaurant is known to be always busy with foreigners. With an excellent selection of food such as the arabiata and bruchita  and also for their famed pizza. La Fonte is run by Italians, and if you are looking for a place to link up Italians and enjoy the feeling of Italy while in Switzerland, then this is definitely a place to visit.

Rico Krunststuben

This restaurant specializes in French cuisine which is usually combined with modern touches. This restaurant is known for its great famous lunch menu which makes eating over there exciting and fun. Rico Krunststuben is known for its lovely stylish interior and also the creative presentation of the dish. One of its meal that leaves visitors coming back for more is the lasagnette with langoustines and lemon with a fillet of beef with shallot confit and black truffle. While the food may be quite expensive here, this restaurant is a once in lifetime experience.


This restaurant situated in the heart of Zurich is known for its unique and artistic look behind its culinary creations. Mostly filled with young people mostly from the media industry, this restaurant offers a variety of three-course meals with a lovely selection of traditional Swiss cuisine with a modern twist.

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