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Move to Switzerland

Your Big Move to Switzerland… Moving to a new country is exciting. One fantastic door that opens up when you move that remains closed as a tourist is the ability to truly see it all and absorb. When we travel, we see things only for their novelty. We view them from a lens of, “well I don’t have this at home, so I’m really excited to see it here!”. While this excitement is fantastic, actually living somewhere such as Switzerland affords you a new outlook on these amazing, but different than your native land, sights. You get to look at them, fully appreciate them for what they are, and be thankful that this is your new home. Plus, you’re not limited to time! You can truly see it all.

Here’s what you should make sure you see if you decide to move to Switzerland:

The Matterhorn

Okay, this is a huge tourist destination because it’s a strangely shaped mountain, and one of the tallest in the Alps. However, the Matterhorn has recently become easy to travel to where it used to mark the death of even the world’s most experienced climbers. Don’t just appreciate the astonishing peak, but soak in the Zermatt village that lies beneath it. It’s your picture-perfect quaint alpine town.

The Swiss National Park

This nature reserve located in the Engadine Valley is the oldest within the Alps region. Many tourists skip this one because it takes a lot of time to fully traverse and get a good idea of the park. However, it’s worth taking the time to get a feel for. The reserve is home to over 5,000 species of wildlife, a massive network of trails, limestone crags, white water rivers, and that incredibly fresh Alpine air.


The waterfall at Schaffhausen is the biggest in all of Central Europe. Take a boat trip and enjoy the incredible views of the melted mountain snow rushing over the 21-meter ledge. Did you know that the limestone that forms the base of the waterfall dates back to the Jurassic era?


As Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich is an obvious travel hot spot for tourists. However, as tourists focus on the boutiques and shopping areas, residents can take pleasure in their leisurely visit and venture further to take in Zurich’s impressive number of museums and galleries. Seriously, there’s a museum or gallery for anybody. The selection is so diverse, So when you move to Switzerland you can rest assured that you will find something interesting.

St. Moritz

Many skip St. Moritz because it’s not the easiest place to get to. This alpine destination sports glassy lakes, glaciers, incredible peaks, and plenty of vast forest. The town itself is cute and accommodating, and it’s so well loved that it was home to not one but two winter

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