Planning on moving to Cambridge from Europe?

Planning on moving to Cambridge from Europe? Here’s why it’s one of Britain’s best cities.

Located 50 miles north of London, Cambridge is one of the finest cities in the UK. If you’re leaving mainland Europe behind and heading to Cambridge, here’s why you should be excited.

A compact city centre- that still has everything you need

The majority of central Cambridge is devoted to major historical attractions and areas owned by the world-famous university, meaning that all the shops you need are located within seconds of each other. Cambridge is also ideally located less than an hour from London and Milton Keynes, with plenty of great transport links to get you there in no time at all.

Moving to cambridge? Major employment opportunities

A study released earlier this year concluded Cambridge was the easiest city in the UK to find work (, while last year it was revealed to be the country’s leading location for employee satisfaction ( With a booming business sector, you could find yourself in your dream job within weeks of moving!

One of Britain’s unsung cultural cities

As well as the historical attractions, there are always fantastic events happening in the city every single day. Just a few events include the Cambridge Thai festival, the Cambridge Folk Festival and, perhaps best of all, the Cambridge Beer festival, all of which help to bring the city together. If big events aren’t your thing, head over to the Junction or the Corn Exchange for live events, or to the Arts Picturehouse for contemporary and classic films. Cambridge has something for everyone.

Moving to Cambridge: It’s never been easier to escape the city

Fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city? Then Cambridge is ideally located, with plenty of small towns and villages located just moments away- not to mention dozens of excellent National Trust sites and nature reserves. You can have the best of both worlds by living here; England is world renowned for its natural landscapes, so moving to a city moments away from this stunning scenery is a brilliant decision.

There’s never a bad time to relocate if you’re considering moving to Cambridge from Europe. It has everything that’s brilliant about Britain in one place. And if you need help making the move from wherever you are currently located in Europe, call Lopa Removals today.