The Brussels Capital Region is a region in Belgium which is made up of 19 municipal that includes the Brussels city which is the capital of Belgium. The region is located in the central part of Belgium, and it is a part of the French and Flemish community of Belgium. The city which grew from a small rural setting on the on the banks of the River Senne is today a major centre for international affairs including politics, economy, education, sports and the likes. It is also a centre of European culture. Belgium as a whole is known for beer and chocolates, but there is more to Brussels than meet the eyes. If you are on vacation and you are searching for a place to visit, or you are planning removal to Brussels, the city has got almost 90 museums, pleasant parks and gardens, architecture that you cannot refute, bars and a lot more.


Grote Markt

Grand place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is the main attraction centre in Brussels. The beginning of the place was nothing to be compared to what it is today, being a swampy sand bank in the midst of two brooks. The sand bank turned into a lower market, and French and English textiles, as well as wines and German beer, were sold in the area. Later wealthy families started building stone and brick mansions leading to the development of the area into a commercial, administrative place that witnessed the reception of dukes, emperors, and royalties as well as executions. Today the Grand place is nothing but a beautiful and elegant place of open markets with well sculptured architectural buildings that do many have taken time to access and admire. It holds a daily flower market between March and October which is usually accompanied by concerts and light show in the evening. There exotic bars and restaurants where you can have a feel of the elegance of the Grand Place.

Manneken Pis

Brussels famous landmark which is also known as ‘the oldest citizen of Brussels’ is a statue of a urinating boy which attracts and amuses so many tourists. Much is not known about the origin of this urinating boy. The present statue which was made by Jerome Duquesnoy has been stolen and recovered on many occasions. The statue is 60cm tall and is probably the most photographed. It has a metal penis which forms a fountain

Hotel de Vill – Town Hall.

While at Grand Place endeavour to visit the Gothic town hall which is the seat of civic government around 1402. The hall is an architectural elegance edifice with arched windows and towers. It has so many sculptures including a statue of St Michael slaying a female devil. You can enjoy a great of the city when you top of the 96-metre high tower of the daring architectural edifice.

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