Removals To Switzerland – Top 3 Destinations

Switzerland is a country situated among mountains. In the South, it has the Alps mountains, and in the northwest, it has the Jura mountains. It has a central plateau of rolling hills, plains, and some large lakes. The country has beautiful landscapes and a temperate climate that varies with altitude. The population of Switzerland is concentrated on the plateau and plains of the country. It is on this plateau that you will find most of the great cities of the country. Switzerland is also known for its neutrality and no war policy which makes the country one of the most peaceful places to be in & lot’s of people are interested in removal to Switzerland. Some of the top destinations include Basel, Bern, Chur, Geneva, Zurich and many other attractive cities with several tourist centres.

removal to switzerland


This is your gateway to German Rhineland including the French Alsace. It is a cosmopolitan city and prides in its university and industry which gives it the status of the oldest university city in Switzerland. It shares a border with Germany and France. The official language of Basel is German, and this language is spoken fluently by almost everyone. Basel is situated on the Rhine river, and this gives it very beautiful and heart erupting scenes and view. The history of Basel can be felt up to today due to the survival of its romantic old towns, narrow streets, and hidden squares. These squares are adorned with over 170 beautiful fountains. Some of its architectural buildings include the old City Hall and Basel Cathedral.


Zurich is located at the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich. It is the largest city in Switzerland and a hub heavy bustling due to railway, road and air traffic. Zurich airport and railway are the largest which amounts to the busiest in the country. This city is a global city and is an important financial centre in the world a relatively not too large a population. Zurich has quite a lot of attractions when you are out to look for them. They include the well preserved old town which is filled with Renaissance buildings that date back to medieval times and a good number of the museum that contains beautiful art. There are also quite some Gothic architectural buildings like the Fraum√ľnster.


Geneva is a French-speaking and capital city of Romandy. It is a global city and holds sway in finance and diplomacy. Geneva has numerous international organizations which include headquarters of many United Nations agencies and it is also the headquarters of the Red Cross. Geneva is a place of numerous parks and green belts combined with forests. In this city, you will find a large number of tourist attractions and centres that will keep you occupied for more than a week. Some of them include the famous Jet d’Eau, the Reformation Wall, which is a monumental homage, the Gothic architecture of Cathedral of Saint Pierre all of which are great sights to behold.