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You might be surprised at what awaits you in rural Europe. Visitors attracted to the part of Europe often find their stay amazing and hungry to come back for more of the continents beautiful places. You will cite the rural experiences that made your vacation special and go home enamored with the local friendliness, the good food at small, local restaurants as well as the frequent hometown festival and religious processions that are normally absent from big cities and beach vacations. Some of the places you can find interesting in countryside Europe are:

Shipping to Europe: Austrian wine regions

One of the many ways to discover rural territories almost guaranteed to have good tourism infrastructure is for you to visit a wine region, then the Austrian wine region is a place to be. Though the Austrian wine region is not well known outside Europe, the wine region in the east of the country offers a chance to discover the tasty gems in a rural spread around the big city. Made a UNESCO  world heritage sites in the early 1990’s, you might like hanging out at neu Sidler lake, a popular Viennese recreation area that includes a bird sanctuary, beautiful countryside hotels and restaurants that have attracted thousands of tourist both locally and internationally. The attraction of the traditional Viennese heuriger wine taverns is undiminished and popular with tourist. The crystal wine region also offers festivals and cultures that will leave you amazed and want to come back for more.

Shipping to Europe: Friesland, the Netherlands

Another you can be when you want to have a countryside relaxation is the district of Friesland. Friesland is famous for its eleven cities and canals skating races. Located in the north of Netherlands, Friesland was once part of the larger region of Frisia. With much of Friesland being made up of lakes and marshland and the landscape being verdant green, the Friesland lakes in the southwest are famous for its summer sports and while the West Frisian island in the Wadden Sea is a UNESCO world heritage sites, what more can you ask for, for a vacation. All round the eleven cities that make up Friesland are blessed centers for tourist attraction, no wonder the countryside welcome thousands of tourists annually. In Leeuwarden, you will find a lively center focused on the arts, shopping, and night clubs. Sneek is a popular area which is a bit of a boaters paradise with a very interesting water gate, built in the early 1600 and a hub for explaining the Frisian lakes while finding pottery and museum dedicated to popular Dutch artist Jopie Huisman in Bolsward.

Shipping to Europe: Provence, France

Provence seems to be nearly everyone’s favorite bit of France. The natives are friendly, the summer weather is superb, the wine is good, and a pastis before dinner is delightful. Provence is a small town in France that has attracted over 2.5m tourist in the past five years. It’s home to about 3 UNESCO world heritage sites including the 800-year old stone walled Avignon, just a stone throw away from the Rhone river, the Palais des popes (the pope’s palace) which confront visitors with a sort of gray austerity, and the 12th century Avignon bridge. A visit to Provence will only wonder at nature.

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