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‚ąö¬† Save Money with Leading European Removals Company

‚ąö¬† Move Safely using fully Insured and Accredited Movers

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European Removals Company
Quick, Safe, Cost-Effective

‚ąö¬† Save Money with Leading European Removals Company

‚ąö¬† Move Safely using fully Insured and Accredited Movers

‚ąö¬†¬†No waiting - Complete Your Move in 2-5 days

Removals To And From Switzerland.

Are you looking for Quick, Safe and Cost Effective way of moving your goods to and From Switzerland? You are in the right place.

You will not only Save Time and Money but also a lot of hassle. Lopa Removals is moving people just like you in and out of Switzerland every week. You can move a single item (boxes, baggage or a piece of furniture) or a whole house. Everything is done safely and with Trusted European Movers.


Cost Effective Part-Load Removals to and from Switzerland.

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Super Quick Moving Service

Quick-van-removals-to-switzerland-rom-ukThis is a part-load removal service with a difference. While with most of the providers you would have to wait even up to 4 weeks for your goods to be delivered to Switzerland (or the UK if you are moving back). Our typical turnaround is only 2-5 days (depending on the location and road conditions). The type of the fleet that we are using (3.5t vans) will also make collections and deliveries from any narrow locations much easier (no need for additional shuttle vehicles, no extra costs, no delays). Lopa Removals is working with only the most reputable agents in the UK and Switzerland Рall the customs clearances are completed without any unnecessary delays. This will save you a lot of time, stress and money.


Trusted, Insured and Experienced Movers

safe-removals-to-switzerlandProfessionally trained crew, GPS tracked vehicles, top quality packing materials and tons of recommendations. This is a recipe for a successful move to Switzerland. On top of that, all your goods are covered under our Insurance, so you can rest assured that you are moving with professionals Here at Lopa Removals we take your satisfaction seriously. Below you can see some of the businesses, organisations and private clients who moved their belongings with us.


Moving to Switzerland form the UK and Back

Every move is different and we all have different requirements and budgets. This is why Lopa Removals can offer you a wide rand of moving services that will make your move to/from Switzerland as smooth, on time and on the budget as possible:

  • Full House Removals – We will¬†provide a trained crew and all the necessary¬†protection for your belongings. You can either pack all your boxes yourself or let us do it. We will wrap¬†all your furniture in woolly blankets, provide plastic covers for sofas and mattresses and make sure that everything is well protected. If you wish, we can provide and pack all the boxes for you, pack all the glass¬†and even provide custom made crates for the artwork.
  • Part-Load Removals to Switzerland – if you are moving a smaller¬†quantity of goods, this is the best service for you. Not only you share the space on our vehicle but also the cost. This is also great for Baggage delivery or Furniture transportation.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture – as some of the items need to be moved in parts, our crew will provide all the tools necessary¬†to safely disassemble and reassemble¬†your furniture.
  • Storage (long and short-term) – we can also provide you with a very competitive (UK based storage facilities). Long or short term – always safe and cost-effective.

Contact Lopa Removals Today and Discuss Your Move to or from Switzerland.

Weekly Service: London to Switzerland and Back

This is the most popular route where we are helping tens of individuals to relocate from London to Switzerland and back Рevery week. Having vehicles crossing between both countries almost non stop allow us to offer you a very quick and cost-effective moving service.

You can still opt-in for a full range of services (part-loads, packing, storage…) and benefit from the incredible turnaround. Below you can see the example moving schedule based on 2-3 bedroom property (up to 40.m3):

  • Day 1: Packing in London
  • Day 2: Loading
  • Day 3: Travel from London to Switzerland
  • Day 4: Delivery of your goods.

Everything is done in a safe and professional manner with Lopa Removals Team.

Removals Switzerland to the UK

If you are moving back to the UK  and need to transport all your goods in a safe and cost-effective manner РLopa Removals can help. As our fleet is crossing between the UK and Switzerland every week, we can accommodate loads in both directions. Removals from Switzerland to the UK will take 2-5 days on average and you can get all the benefits of our service.

You will be required to apply for TOR application with the HRMC in order to bring your goods Vat and Duty-Free – we will assist you with this, and communicate on your behalf with our customs agents in the UK and Switzerland. Everything smooth and easy.

Student Removals To and from Switzerland

This is a very popular route for students and Lopa Removals can also help. With a smaller load, you will be able to reduce your moving costs and benefit from a quick service. We can move boxes, baggage, suitcases, bike, motorbikes and furniture – anything you need. You can also request a full or partial packing service (even if it’s only 1 box).

Additionally, if you are student moving to or from Switzerland, requirements (customs) are less restrictive and the whole process is much easier. Again, we will provide you with all the necessary information and assistance during your relocation.

Shipping to Switzerland: Furniture and Boxes

Sometimes you need to move only some furniture or a few boxes. This is where our Part Load removals service can help – we will move all your goods to Switzerland and back and you will pay only for the space used (not the whole van). Especially from London to Switzerland (our most popular route).

You will still get the same level of service and everything will be protected and looked after during the transport. It might take a few days longer than a full house removal, but the price will definitely justify it.


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Why Are People Moving To Switzerland from the UK?

Switzerland is a study in contrasts, from waterfalls and glaciers in the valleys of the Alps to the Mediterranean climate of its subtropical resorts in the south. And there’s more than just climate that changes. Switzerland has four official languages as well: German, French, Italian and Romansh, a less common language related to Latin. English is also well known, therefore moving to Switzerland and living as an expat is very easy. All this is available in a relatively small, landlocked country of about eight million inhabitants. Here’s a survey of the delights found in Zurich, St. Moritz, Lugano, Zermatt, Montreux, Berne and Lucerne and their surrounding scenic highlights.

Zurich is a commercial capital of Switzerland and its largest city. Along with Geneva, it serves as a hotspot for international banking and finance, but there’s more to this northern city than just number crunching. It’s hard to ignore the church towers that define the city’s skyline, like St. Peter’s Church (with the largest clock dials in Europe) or Fraumunster, sporting stained glass windows painted by the famous artist Marc Chagall. Zurich is also home to one of the most important art galleries in Switzerland, Kunsthaus. And of course the Swiss Alps are never far away and on a clear day, you may see them on a walk through the Old Town district.

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Places to Visit in Switzerland

An important Alpine road leads to St. Moritz, the Julier Pass. At over 7500 feet, this Roman-era road leads to one of the most beautiful valleys in the country, the Engadine, which boasts picture-perfect lakes, forests, mountain peaks and quaint villages. In the Upper Engadine is St. Moritz, a place synonymous with glamour. Its ski slopes are a popular destination for the international jet set, but it isn’t just the local pistes that attract visitors. The area also hosts an international chefs festival and more leisurely pursuits such as hiking and golfing and fabulous views of the Roseg Glacier a short drive away in Pontresina.

In just a few hours¬†drive, you’ll find an Italian flair in Lugano, along with the Swiss southern tip. With its Mediterranean climate and vegetation, you’ll quickly forget about glaciers. This popular resort town holds its own against ritzy St. Moritz to the north. You can enjoy arcade shopping at Via Nassa or walk through any number of parks that adorn this area, like Parco Ciani (the largest park) or Parco San Michele, which offers spectacular lake and mountain views.

Spectacular is a good way to describe the Simplon Pass, a scenic mountain pass between Switzerland and Italy that leads to the Valais, an area renowned for its wine and mountain resorts, like Zermatt. Zermatt is the home of the famous and much-photographed Matterhorn and is characterized by rustic chalet-style homes and resorts that sit beneath the mountain’s majestic summit. If climbing the Matterhorn is a bit too ambitious for you (the peak season, by the way, is summer, until the end of August), then maybe you’d fancy a rack railway climb to 10,132 feet of Gornergrat for an unforgettable Alpine view. You can even have a photograph taken with a St. Bernard, Switzerland’s legendary and beloved mountain rescue dog.

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Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

After you’ve undertaken your less strenuous railway climb to Alpine heights, consider a drive through the vineyards and apricot groves of the Rhone Valley to the water fortress of Chillon Castle, sitting grandly amidst a placid Lake Geneva. The castle was made famous by Lord Byron in his poem, The Prisoner of Chillon. He must have been inspired by the fairytale-like beauty of this authentic medieval wonder, and no doubt you will be, too. Just north of this site is the trendy city of Montreux, world famous for its summertime jazz festival. You’ll also love strolling along the lake promenade here.

Along the highway leading to the capital city of Berne, you’ll see plenty of farmland, which isn’t surprising considering that one of the cheese capitals of the country, Emmental, is just east of Berne. No visit to Berne would be complete without a visit to its Bear Pit, a curiously popular landmark in this city. Bears are a symbol of the city and have been found there since the 1400s. These city bears seem quite fond of the attention they garner-preening, rolling around, eating, walking and socializing with each other, all to the delight of tourists. Another must-see feature is the clock tower dating back to the 16th century with painted figures that revolve around the tower as it chimes the hours away. It always draws quite a crowd. An interesting market taking place on the fourth Monday of each November is the Onion Market (the only market dedicated to onions), where vendors offer every kind of treat incorporating onions that are elaborately woven into wreath-like decorations and displayed throughout this folk festival. Even if you don’t like onions, there’s plenty of entertainment and onion-free mementoes to keep you interested in this unusual part of the city’s heritage.

Speaking of heritage, the city bridge at Lucerne dates back to the 14th century. The Chapel Bridge is a covered, wooden bridge that was last replaced in part in 1993 after a tragic fire destroyed a portion of the bridge. The bridge is punctuated part way across by a water tower. Inside the bridge are various artworks depicting the history of the area over the centuries. The bridge and its water tower are an indelible part of the landscape of this Swiss city. Another unforgettable and moving part of the city’s heritage is the sculpture of a dying lion, known as the Lion Monument. The structure commemorates the massacre of Swiss Guards during the French Revolution.

Finally, take a climb to Mount Pilatus. You can reach the viewing point some 7000 feet above sea level by cogwheel railway, aerial tramway or gondola. Whatever method you choose, you’ll get sweeping panoramic views over central Switzerland. Before you leave this multicultural paradise, be sure to experience a folklore party at a restaurant like the Stadtkeller in Lucerne where you can experience yodelling and alphorn blowing among other alpine merrymaking.

Are you ready to move to Switzerland? Contact Lopa Removals and let’s discuss your move TODAY.

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