Three Necessary Things To Know When Moving To France From The UK

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Before making that ‘I want to move to France’ decision, one needs to get acquainted with the following basic things. Moving to France from the United Kingdom can be quite a herculean task due to the difference in culture, language, and even greeting patterns. To experience a smooth transition, then you need to know these things below.

Know the various Bureaucratic Aspect

This is where a lot of people moving from England to France have issues. Although it is advisable that people get acquainted with the bureaucratic authorities in any country, they are visiting. Doing the paperwork and also getting used to the formalities are both an essential part when moving to a foreign country. In France, this is a very important aspect since France is always strict when it comes to the bureaucratic related issue. Going with the typical British mentality of ‘after you’ will leave you handicapped in France. So when moving to France from Uk, always endeavor to do research concerning the bureaucratic aspect which usually involves early registration with the French Authorities and learning about the compulsory French Health Insurance. It is always advisable to make multiple copies of all your receipts.

Opening or Switching to a French Bank Account

This is a crucial aspect of moving to France from the UK. It is highly advisable to find out from your banks the possibility of opening a French bank account before making the move. Since payments such as rent and other stuff can be paid from your bank account in France, opening a French bank account will make payments easy to do.

Get Used To The Cultural Differences

It may be quite acceptable to walk into your office on Monday morning and scream, good morning everybody but in France, it is a big No. In France, men tend to shake hands while women offer light kisses to the cheeks. So, get used to it and act all French about it. If you are going to drive or take your car along, remember to buy a breathalyzer since you will be fined driving without one in France.

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