Tips and Tricks about Moving to Antwerp

The second-largest city of Belgium is mostly famous for its port. From an early age, the city is most famous for its art and diamond lovers. This city is famous for the trading of diamonds, thus it is also called the ‘world’s leading diamond city. Moving to Antwerp is to bring you the promise of living in the world of medieval history colliding with the modern fashion scene, along with a chance of exploring the amazing arts. Antwerp, Belgium is blessed with the presence of paintings of the famous painter Pieter Paul Rubens. All through the city, the examples of his work can be notified.
Here are some of the places which make the city more enchanting,


The house of the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens is called Rubenshuis, which is now converted into a museum. Here, you are to get glimpses of the original work of the painter. The museum holds his famous paintings like Adam and Eve and his famous self-portrait.

Cathedral of Our Lady

Technically this church is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Antwerp, but mostly this Gothic architecture is famous for its amazing architecture. This cathedral also has some original work of Peter Paul Rubens, like his famous paintings Otto van Veen, Marten de Vos, Jacob de Backer. The construction of this impressive Gothic structure had started around the year 1351-1352, and its architects were Jan and Pieter Appelmans.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

This is a famous printing museum, which has the works of 16th-century printers like Christophe Plantin, Jan Moretus. It has precious collections of books like Biblia Polyglotta; a bible in five languages, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum; a book on Geography by Abraham Ortelius, and much more.

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