Are you looking for a Van And Man Service to Europe?

European Van Loads removals with Lopa Removals – You will save time, You will save money and you will definitely save trouble by using Lopa Removals.

From a single item to a whole household move

This is the most cost-effective and safe way to move across Europe. Below you can see our most popular van loads to Europe services. If you need something more bespoke, just let us know.


This is the option where we would provide you with the working driver and the van. By helping to load and unload you will save a lot of money. Transit time 2-5 days and very competitive rates.

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With the standard option, we will provide a 2 men crew to load and unload all your goods – still a very cost effective moving option and you don’t have to lift anything.


Get 2 men crew not only to load all your goods but also to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. This is a real time saver as our professional crew will take care of your furniture



Germany is a member of the European Union and the most populated among the EU member countries. After the United States Germany is the country that is mostly migrated to. The place has a seasonal temperate climate. She has her capital in her largest metropolis which is Berlin. Germany has a generally clean and well managed environment . Here you have access to a good and functional public transport, healthcare and education system. Moving to Germany is a good decision because Germany is almost in the centre of Europe and you can therefore reach other parts of Europe with ease.


Switzerland is officially termed the Swiss confederation with a federal government system that has the seat of power in Bern. This country is one of the most peaceful countries on the face of earth. Here crime rate is low and you are assured of a high level of safety for you and your assets. It has very nice and beautiful sites to behold with a people that are very friendly. Make your move today and have a look at the wonders of nature in this ‘no war policy’ country.

Czech Republic

This is a country in central Europe with a strong democratic governance. It was ranked the 6th most peaceful country. With a strong democratic government and enviable accountability it is the country that has the lowest unemployment rate among the European Union member countries. Czech Republic has an orderly and a good transportation network. The country has a very rich and deep history that generates a very intense and interesting culture. It’s capital city is Prague.


France is a country with a very diversified multicultural atmosphere. This makes it easy for you to get almost everything you want. France has its capital in Paris which sometimes is referred to as the city of light. With a huge and pretty stable economy which gives you an edge when you want start up your own enterprise. France features a good transportation system, a clean environment, high standard of living and a readily available market France is the one place you will definitely love to move to.

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