Why moving to Paris alone could be your next big adventure.

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Moving to Paris Alone?

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to swap suburban life for the City of Lights. Paris has a reputation for being the city of lovers, but what if you’ve decided to go it alone? Here are your need to know tips for moving to Paris solo.

Build your bank balance

The cost of living in Paris can seem steep until you find your way around, so try and build up a healthy bank balance before you leave. Packed lunches and a few good box sets will help you to build a solid financial cushion.

A place to call home

If you have a job to go to or you’re studying abroad you should be given help with accommodation. Otherwise try starting your adventure in a hostel to save money and try a colocation website for flat shares. Otherwise renting with a family is a popular choice.

Be savvy with apps

From your French bank app, to the ubiquitous Uber, it pays to be app savvy when negotiating Paris alone. A good map app is a must to make navigating from A to B a breeze, and make sure you have Instagram to share all your new adventures with friends and family. Don’t forget a good language app so you can get up to speed with French as quickly as possible.

Moving to Paris – Find friends

Moving to Paris alone is a big leap in the dark and while Skype is a great way to keep in touch, there are often good deals on the Eurostar for the occasional trip home. This is an amazing opportunity to really push yourself to try new experiences and make new friends. Facebook groups can put you in touch with like-minded people, and in your own circle of friends someone probably knows someone who’s in or near Paris – yes, the world really is that small these days! And you can always grab a taste of home in M&S if you’re feeling really homesick.

If you’re lucky enough to be starting your big adventure by moving to Paris alone, LOPA removals can help. We’re experts in European relocation so contact us and we’ll help smooth the transition to your new life!

If you would be looking for more information check this website: EasyExpat.com: Information for Expatriates, Expat Guides

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